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Tips Which Helps You Better To Create Stronger Password

Considering the growth in cybercrime these days, it is necessary to keep your online accounts safe and secure from hacking. Most of the websites and applications use their services. For registering, we need to create a username and password for that particular website.

When creating a password for any website or account, it is necessary to keep certain things in mind. Any negligence in making your account vulnerable to hackers and which can affect your associated accounts. In order to keep your account safe and secure, it is more than necessary to create a strong password for your account.

Below, we have provided some tips that you can help you to avoid.

Tips to Create a Stronger Password

1.) Create a Longer Password

 It is always recommended to create at least 12 characters long password for your account. For most of the accounts, there is no limitation regarding the length of the account. Therefore, it is best to keep at least 12 characters (or more) when creating a password for your account.

2.) Include Numbers, Symbols, Letters (Capital and Lower Case)

Make sure to keep a combination of numbers, symbols, lowercase letters and letters to make it difficult for anyone to guess your password.

3.) Avoid Word Dictionary, Date of Birth or Consecutive Numbers or Alphabets

It is always recommended to avoid easy password for your account. Using simple dictionary words, your date of birth or consecutive numbers are easy to guess and can be hacked by anyone easily.

4.) Do not Use the Same Password for More than One Account

Creating a stronger password for your account does not mean that you can use it for your other account as well. Doing so can get you all your accounts (with the same password) as you get hacked by anyone. Therefore, always use a new password for all your accounts.

5.) Keep Changing your Password Frequently

Using the same password for a longer period should also be avoided. Try to change your password safe and secure.

So, these are some of the tips you can follow to create a stronger password for your account.​​​​​​​

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