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How to Add Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons on I phone

In today’s time, Yahoo Messenger is the popular chat clients, used by the millions number of users. Adding Yahoo Messenger on your iPhone, makes communicating process easier with your closed ones. It offers a great way for keeping in touch with the friends. You need to take the assistance of the below-mentioned steps for downloading Messenger on handset.

Steps to download Yahoo Messenger for iPhone:

If you are going to use Yahoo Messenger on iPhone, then you need to follow these steps:

·        At the initial stage, you need to locate and tap the App Store icon on the mobile phone.

·        After that you need to tap the Search icon directly from the menu.

·        Then, you need to enter Yahoo Messenger and simply choose the right app.

·        Next, you need to Tap GET for beginning the download.

·        Finally, once the download is finished, you need to tap the OPEN button which is there in the App Store for immediately opening the app.

Once downloading Messenger on iPhone, you need to enable emoticons via the assistance of the below-mentioned steps.

The process of enabling the hidden emoticons keyboard in your iPhone is a simple process. The process will tell you about how emotion works:

·        First of all, you need to open the Settings app on your phone

·        After that simply tap General

·        Then you need to scroll down and just tap Keyboard

·        Next, you need to tap Keyboards which is at the top of the screen

·        And choose Add New Keyboard

·        Last, from the list of languages, you need to select Japanese and then Kana language.

Simply choose the Kana keyboard and you need to push the button in the bottom row for accessing the entire kaomoji.

The above-mentioned steps will help you in activating the emoji on your phone. You and your friends can play with different emoji mood while texting messages. And you can also keep filling your messages with varieties of emoji in an easy manner.

Furthermore, technical troubles may differ from a minor to major and it takes some time to get fixed as per the issue. In case any of the technical trouble has started to trouble you the most, you are free to consult and obtain suggestions by dialing a Yahoo customer support phone number. The phone number will give a remedy for the technical issue in your account.

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